What To Expect When Visiting Mount Bromo Indonesia

Looking down the crater of an active volcano is an exciting encounter. However, Visiting Mount Bromo, in Indonesia, is considerably greater than just that. I haven’t been a volcano nerd. In reality, before visiting Central America, I’d never really considered the potential for hiking a volcano. News of the eruption of Etna or Stromboli, in Sicily, reached me regularly. It looked like quite a show, but far off one I wasn’t meant to enjoy from up close – in spite of the fact that it only takes one hour to fly from Sardinia to Sicily.

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ThenI traveled to Central America, and volcanoes became a part of my every day life. In Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, I woke up to the stunning view of 4 volcanoes, and each night I’d see the clouds gather around their crater, along with a lightening show which was fascinating to observe. In Antigua, Guatemala, I could watch Volcano Fuego throwing smoke each hour or so. Other travellers I’d met in Guatemala mentioned they’d was on a volcano hike, along with the simple fact that volcanoes were readily accessible convinced me I no longer had an excuse to not hike one. That is how I went on my first volcano hike, on Pacaya.

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Finally, I moved from Guatemala to journey further south. Driving across El Salvador on my way to Nicaragua, I stared out of the window, fascinated with the immense mountains that proudly climbed into the center of nowhere. However it was only when I attained Nicaragua that, once more, volcanoes became an every day reality. Following the incredible adventure on Pacaya, I’d resolved to go on more volcano lifts And Nicaragua was ideal for this. But when I asked about the volcano lifts. I was told that I could really go volcano dressing on one of them. I’d little idea of what that implied, however, sounded adventurous enough for me personally.

Actually, it turned out to be an exciting experience. To read about my experience on Cerro Negro, check out my post What to expect when a volcano dressing on Cerro Negro, Nicaragua. With all of these incredible premises, it is easy to see why I’m always eager to climb more volcanoes. Imagine then my enthusiasm when I got an invitation to visit Indonesia and later on realized that the country is packed with volcanoes, which not only I would be seeing a few, but I’d also be trekking one. I would be going on a tour of Mount Bromo.